by Connie

Welcome to Positively Life After Fifty! My name is Connie Minnell, and I’ve recently traded the classroom for the search of all things –well, MOST– things that are healthy and low-stress for us in the “after-fifty” club.

I celebrated the “Big 50” just a few years ago, and you know what I found out? There’s a whole lot of us out there that are in this together!

I know, I know, there are days when we feel like everything’s coming up roses, and other days we’re falling apart at the seams, but by sharing our stories of life, good or bad, we can and will become stronger together.

So that’s why I created this website; as a kind of way to help myself and others find positive answers to the question “So…is there really LIFE after FIFTY?”

I’d love it if you would join in my search to find how to make the most of this wonderful, yes, wonderful! time in our lives. Please click on the subscribe button at the top of this page, or “like” my Positively Life After Fifty Facebook page today! I’m only just beginning and I don’t want you to miss out on our adventure!

Thanks! Have a positively great day!