About Me, Us, and “It”

by Connie Minnell

Welcome to Positively Life After Fifty, where we are finding the positive in life at any age.  My name is Connie Minnell, and I’m so glad you are here checking out my page!

ABOUT me...After trading my career as a professional educator in search of all things healthy and low-stress, I now enjoy being a full-time amateur! I’m an amateur at writing, digital creation, audio production, marketing, and, most amazingly, podcasting. All these exciting things are now a part of my everyday life. Proof we never have to stop learning! But like many of you, I also love spending quality time with friends, and with my family, including my husband of 40 years (Yikes, where did the time go!) my children and grandchildren. And I can’t leave out how I love taking long walks with my lovely little senior dogs.

ABOUT us...Growing up in the sixties meant being around such an incredible variety of people, ideas, and technical marvels. If anything, being young in such an eclectic time has made us what we are today: a generation of socially active, environmentally conscious, hard-working people, fun-loving people. On the outside we are community minded and caring, and always there for each other. On the inside we are constantly seeking to appreciate all the beauty this precious life has to offer.

I know there are days when everything’s coming up roses and days we’re falling apart at the seams. That’s life, right? But our generation knows how to brave the storms and still come out smelling like a rose. Ok, maybe that’s too much…in reality we come out a little wrinkled, a bit thicker around the middle and a lot more tired, but still…full of hope! That’s me.

ABOUT the podcast...that’s why I created a podcast and website dedicated to hope and sharing the benefits of being positive; as a way to help others find answers to the question:
“So…is there REALLY life after FIFTY?”
My answer to that is, “Yes! There Positively IS Life After Fifty!”

So I’d love it if you joined in my search to find out how to make the most of this beautiful time of our lives.

ABOUT joining us…Please click on the subscribe button on this page,  or subscribe with  Apple Podcast and Google Play buttons. You can also “like” my Positively Life Facebook page and see some inspiring posts.

I’ll be putting out another uplifting episode shortly and I wouldn’t want you to miss it, so please check back soon.

Thanks and have a positively great day!

Connie Minnell,

Professional amateur  😉