New Artwork Has Arrived!

by Connie Minnell on June 25, 2013

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PLAFbodySt I  am loving my new artwork that Jennie Hamson has created for the Positively Life After Fifty website and podcast. She worked hard with me to achieve the theme of PLA50.

Jenny came highly recommended by my teacher, Cliff Ravenscraft, during his “Podcasting A-Z” course that I took in the summer of 2013.


(I hope to provide a link to his course in the very near future-I highly recommend it-so please watch for more to come.)

In the artwork, the word “LIFE” has the silhouette of someone jumping for joy. Now, I would probably hurt myself if I tried to jump like that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to!

In fact, I chose that type of  image because it inspires me to get up and move, and I hope it inspires others in mid-life and beyond to do the same.

The background of yellow and blue reminds me of the big outdoors with nothing holding me back, as if looking into an optimistic future…

Yes, I know the “negatives” exist ALL around us, I’ve even lived through a few of them myself. But here is one place to focus on the positive.

Jenny did not ask for any kind of recognition, but here is a big thank-you for a job well done!

By the way, be sure to check out this new artwork the next time you are in iTunes.  Just search for “Life After Fifty” in the podcast category, or simply click on the icon itunesfor iTunes located in the upper right side of this page. Thanks!

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